commercial Vehicle Insurance

A vital source of help if you own a company and are employing people to drive your vans for business

If an accident was to occur and it is the fault of your employed driver, you will have to pay up to the other driver if you do not use the correct commercial vehicle insurance company.


commercial vehicle insurance companies can be a large expense for small businesses and van owners but there are many other commercial vehicle insurance companies that can provide for this size business.


commercial vehicle insurance products offer a wide range of cover and pricing options, and special schemes for many different trades, up to a tonnage limit of 3.5 tonnes. They can offer competitive rates for most types of business, excluding haulage.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance…

companies need to offer you the option to have a fully comprehensive cover policy.

The only time you will need a specific commercial vehicle insurance company is if your van is used predominantly for business purposes, for transporting goods or is actually owned by the company.

Commercial vehicle insurance products fully offer comprehensive cover includes all cover on your van and on any other work vehicles. Commercial vehicle insurance policy cover is usually unlimited in respect of your liability for injury to other people but may have a limit for damage to their property. Your policy wording will identify all terms, conditions, limits and excesses.

If you are using your personal van for both private and businesses purposes you must inform your commercial vehicle insurance company. This is because they will want to know details of the goods you transport, the drivers to be covered, the duration of use and various other details.

Most businesses often prefer to go for fully comprehensive cover and insure for any driver over the age of 25 years. As is a wise move otherwise you will be restricted as to who you can employ in the future.

If you own more than five vans, ask your insurer about fleet van insurance policies which may be arranged. The claims experience of your fleet will provide the main rating factor in assessing the cost of the commercial van insurance company.